1. Follow-up with contacts
    Shuffle through all those new business cards and get in touch. Follow folks on Twitter. Email your top connections. Expect to see the same faces if you plan on exhibiting again.
  2. Write a blog post
    Postmortems are great way to chronicle success, document failure, recognize your volunteers, and share knowledge with other indies. Submit yours to our showcase.
  3. Treat the team
    Don’t forget to thank your volunteers for their hard work. Treat everyone to dinner. Consider giving them free swag, or giving special thanks on your website and in the credits. Ask them about their experience and some of the highlights and feedback they received throughout the weekend.
  4. Send feedback
    Email your convention contact to thank them for the opportunity, and to let them know how the experience could be improved for an exhibitor of your size. The indie con circuit is young, and any input helps.
  5. Assess your booth materials
    If you’re doing a convention circuit this year, consider how your layout and marketing materials performed. You might want to do a reprint or add a sticker if key information was missing from your postcards or business cards. Store everything safely until next time or recycle your leftovers.
  6. Critically review your Offerings
    Grab all those notes you gathered, and consider how it could fit in with your overall workflow, strategy, and goals as a business.