The bulk of your budget will go towards a 10x10 booth. Expect higher rates for prime locations, and more for add-ons like carpeting and electric. Strapped for cash? Team up with another dev and combine your resources.

Recommendation Cost
Indie MEGABOOTH $1600–$1800
Penny Arcade Expo $1400–$2000


Buy your tickets ASAP for the dates the convention requires you to attend. Many conventions have strict rules on setup and tear down times, and violations mean your booth is at stake. If you're hauling equipment in carry-ons, look for direct flights and do not fly Spirit Airlines – you pay for it in fees.

Recommendation Cost
Kayak Varies
Hipmunk Varies


Convention rooms are notorious for selling out quickly so book at least 7 months in advance. Find a place with a comfortable bed in a safe neighborhood that's walkable from the convention center. Forget the amenities – you're here for business.

Recommendation Cost
AirBNB Varies
Hostelworld $40 per person per night
Couchsurfing Varies
Friend's place Free!


Research your transit options before getting on the plane. Rental cars: book as early as possible. Public transit: pocket some cash for a cab should you miss the last train into town. Safety is key so ensure your route is secure and reliable.

Recommendation Cost
Uber Varies
Relay Rides Varies
Public Transit Varies


Shipping is costly because you pay by weight and there's a lot of fees. Call your accommodations and ask: if they hold packages, for how long, at what cost. Send your stuff a couple days early if possible. Sending things back is easier since convention centers usually have shipping options on-premise.

Recommendation Cost
FedEx Expensive
UPS Expensive
DHL Expensive
Quick-Crate Worth the investment


Some convention centers are in the heart of restaurant districts. Others are situated in industrial corridors where food is extremely scarce. Eat at least one solid meal daily and buy snacks and drinks when you can. Expect to spend some cash on dining out and drinks for networking purposes.

Recommendation Cost
Convention Hot Dog $7
Convention Salad $9
Convention Soda $4
Your Dignity Priceless
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