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Indie Boothcraft began when Chicago’s indie game scene exploded in 2012. The Men Who Wear Many Hats were anxious exhibiting their first title since they had a little Kickstarter money, but it had to go a long way. That’s when Jamie first shared her marketing knowledge with the team. Some find it tedious, but she found joy in crafting that booth experience, and now assists others with marketing and selling their indie games.

We’ve witnessed many successful launches. We’ve seen a lot of flops. Hopefully this information benefits you and your game. Consider paying it forward by contributing to Indie Boothcraft.

The Men Who Wear Many Hats at PAX East 2013


Two graphic designers buckled down for a weekend to concept, brand, write and code this entire site in WordPress. Jamie laid the foundation with over ten years of branding and web development experience. Aaron evolved the content, created illustrations to add visual quirkiness, and provided insight on pro trade booths. This continued collaboration is still a work in progress. We hope you enjoy Indie Boothcraft as much as we enjoyed building it.

Special thanks to Cory O’Brien who made our writing not sound awful. Shout-out to Indie Megabooth who help spotlight indie games in the convention world.