Visual consistency is extremely important to your brand. Consistent use of logos, colors, fonts and imagery across all of your materials makes your product more desirable to customers and potential partners. These materials will pay for themselves down the line. But mistakes are also costly, so consult with a graphic design professional to ensure your investment is sound.


Handouts legitimize your booth’s presence and communicate details succinctly, so you MUST have a memorable promotional card containing all of your critical info. Other materials are icing on the cake which can greatly increase foot traffic. Buttons are sure winners, and stickers may be prohibited. Don’t get irritated when your items are abandoned or discarded – it’s just the convention circle of life.

Survival Kit

Exhibiting is a labor of love, but don’t drive yourself into the ground. Pace yourself throughout the duration of your trip. Remind your crew to take frequent breaks so they’re performing at their best. Someone’s bound to catch con-crud so pack in your Vitamin C and stay hydrated.

Game Visuals

You’re not here to sell a game. You’re here to sell the promise of an experience. That’s only possible with professional graphics and a solid game demo that will convince someone to throw their wallet at you! These are difficult to gauge financially but in general, the more attention to detail, the greater the effectiveness of your key visuals.