Consider bringing your work laptop (should you have one) along for the trip, but be weary about putting your bread-and-butter in public hands! So many things could go wrong. Refurbished laptops come with guarantees and start around $250.

Devs: Your demo should run on end devices to gather quality feedback.


Though they can be a pain to transport, any kind of visual display will increase your visibility at the show. Some booths go as far as building a living room to invite hangouts and conversation.

Devs: A display is required to demonstrate real game footage or app experiences!

Security Equipment

Exhibit Halls typically have security detail so you can keep belongings overnight. But your booth is still vulnerable. We’ve heard malicious stories and unintentional incidents throughout the years about exhibitors who weren’t serious about security measures. If it’s not locked down and labeled, take it with you.


Consider lightly-used refurbs to keep your costs down. Visitors can be weary of dingy personal peripherals and mismatched equipment, so weigh your options with plenty of hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes.

Game Devs: Most visitors are already comfortable with Xbox 360 controllers paired to laptops, but your mileage may vary based on your needs.


They’re bound to be forgotten, destroyed, or fried at some point. Cables are stupidly stressful, so be very attentive to the state of your cables and be realistic with how many you require throughout the show’s duration. If a specific cable is critical to your operations, buy spares since local suppliers may run out.