Indie Boothcraft is a humble attempt to share convention knowledge with indie game developers. We know it’s not easy to make a game, let alone market that game on tight deadlines, small budgets, and little sleep. Hopefully these tips and resources shared by indie devs make your life a little easier.

Where the hell do I start?

Conventions task you with squeezing a lot of functionality into a tiny space. This is your chance to build a relationship with your fan base, drive sales, and get press attention. Don’t get lost in the melee of crowds and noisy neighbors.

Start Planning

What do I actually need to buy?

A single indie spends an average minimum of $3,000 to travel, attend and market their game at a convention. That number fluctuates depending on how spendthrift or extravagant the individual or company. Prioritize your spending.

The Checklist

Booth Showcase

Toto Temple Deluxe at PAX East 2015

Toto Temple Deluxe at PAX East 2015

It’s not every day a developer gives away thousands of dollars in free game codes. But that’s exactly what Juicy Beast Studio did to attract attendees to their booth, as inspired by Vlambeer. Read all about the freebies, elite tournament, space design, and more.

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